Camp Memories

Moments Shared By Campers and Their Dogs

We've never had so much fun in our entire existence!!! The joy of running along the beach, watching my terriers traverse the agility course and the pet blessing were so very special. I loved making the paw print ink stamps, tie dyed t-shirts and cherish the new collars my girls have. The new friends made enrich my life. Camp W is a magical dog's paradise!! We can't wait till next year! - Franny, Lucy and Miss C

I was only six months old when I went to CampW last summer, I was able to run with the Big Dogs. I did everything they did: hiking, kayaking, agility, swimming, games and my favorite, lure coursing! Not big on sitting still for the Blessing of the Animals, though; I didn t appreciate sage smoke being wafted over my head. But I still love Evie, because she gave me a great massage. (Oh, yeah, I also flunked massage class. Mom says I was too squirmy. I will try again this year.) Other than that, Camp W rocks my world! - Brady, The English Shepherd

My best CampW memory would have to be of twelve-year-old Willie, a previously socially deficient dog adopted at nine years of age. Though I was drawn to CampW to benefit the needs/wants of my young Golden and myself, Willie was the one who made the biggest  leap of faith! After just one week the year before, he walked right up to a strange man wearing a lot of black leather, surrounded by sleeping Dobies, to ask for treats! He also earned his CGC (Canine Good Citizen as recognized by the AKC) certificate that week! As far as I was concerned, Willie had won Best in Show! - Jeanne

There are no words to describe the joy of watching my dog Citi, limited by urban living and a postage stamp back yard for the seven years of her life, experience the freedom of running, sniffing, digging and exploring without the constraints of a leash or the fences of a dog park during our CampW hikes. I am so thankful we could give her this brief experience of being everything a dog was meant to be. - Tonya

I'll never forget walking at night through the pine trees down the path to the lake with my dog and the moon casting our shadows. I felt very welcome and at home. - Julia

Three years ago I suggested to my husband that we go to dog camp. He responded that his idea of a vacation was one without the dogs. When I said we were going without him, he reluctantly agreed to go. Camp Winnaribbun was the best vacation we ever had. We are now camp alumnae and counting the days until next year's adventure. I only wish I could translate the excitement and happiness expressed in our dogs' faces, but see for yourself in our camp photo.
- Diane, Mike, Shepard Smith, MiniMe, Cookie and Lucille

My rescue girl, Miss C, has the honorary title of "angel terrier". It filled my heart with joy to watch her run freely along our private beach with my mini schnauzer, Lucy. A play bow says it all and expresses her sentiment as well as mine. Camp W is the most remarkable place and we will return again and again. - Franny, Lucy and Miss C

My last (of three) experiences at Camp Winnaribbun was one of the most exalted periods of my life. Selkie, flanked by two of her grand pups, a show champion, proven sheep herder, and therapy dog extraordinary, was already a two-time CampW veteran, but by now she was in end-stage lymphoma. You wouldn't have known it from the way she romped around camp with the pups, but after two years of chemotherapy her days were numbered. The day after this picture was taken she took leave of us. Lory and a few dear camp friends gathered round as I held her in my arms and said farewell. It seemed to me right that she had chosen that loving, lovely setting from which to make her exit. A stone has been placed in her memory, with other stones commemorating cherished friends who's spirit will always be with us at Camp Winnaribbun. One of Selkie's grand pups left camp to make her home with my cabin mate. The other I have with me still. We call him Hamish but his real name is, of course, "Homage To Selkie." - Betsy and the Border Collies of Tovarin

Camp Winnaribbun at Lake Tahoe was just beautiful! Camp Winnaribbun brought Kegan and I a new, deeper closeness. We both had a spectacular time: hiking the beautiful trails leash-free, swimming in gorgeous Lake Tahoe, going to the bog where Kegan did his favorite thing (wallowing in the muddy grass), daily crafts while Kegan laid by my side, not to mention the delicious meals! This place is definitely where a dog can be a dog for a whole week! Kegan and I both loved it! These are memories that will be cherished forever!

- Elaine and Kegan

The beauty around me, the peace of the Tahoe forest, the quiet moments shared with my dog, a time to reflect and be thankful for the gifts of life, I am grateful to have these Winnaribbun moments to recall. - Gary